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Other meeting activities:

- screenplay feedback; (We only ask that you give feedback to one other script before we read your script.)

- 60-second pitch practice; (Totally voluntary; we will give you the constructive criticism you need to make your script sparkle, if you suddenly find yourself in an elevator with your dream director or producer.)

Call Patty (210) 563-5514 or Lise (210) 440-0904 for more information. 

January 19, 2019
Genre study – Westerns - We'll look at traditional and modern westerns and other sub-genres. It's not your father's (or grandfather's) genre anymore.

February 16, 2019
Genre Study – Horror

March 16, 2019
Genre Study – Romance

April 20, 2019
Genre Study – Science Fiction

May 18, 2019
Genre Study – Biopic

***** SASWG MEMBER NEWS **** Lise Pyles' BANNER HERO script advanced to second round of AFF feature competition *** "Loteria Land," a dark comedy web series, also advanced to the second round of AFF. Members Lise Pyles, Richard Dane Scott and Patty Sandoval Sralla were part of the writing room for the series. Congrats to all! *** Got news? Let us know!

     In 2019, we'll talk about many topics on the tools and techniques of writing and marketing, but our special focus this year will be on genres. Each month, we'll discuss a different genre.

​​2019 SASWG 
Monthly Meeting Schedule  

June 15, 2019
Genre Study – Action

July 20, 2019
Genre Study – Thrillers

August 17, 2019
Genre Study – War/Historical

September 21, 2019
Genre Study – Drama/Coming of Age

October 19, 2019
Genre Study – Family/Animation

November 16, 2019
Genre Study – Holiday

December – No Meeting Happy Holidays!